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How to Combine Teaching and Learning With Educational Videos

How to Combine Teaching and Learning With Educational Videos

What are instructional videos? An educational video is usually a video or movie that’s intended to educate the viewer about a subject. Before, educational videos have generally been used as an alternative to more visual-orientated teaching procedures. These days, however, with many children are spending more oftheir time playing video games, watching television, or browsing the internet, educational videos are quickly becoming an important part of the instructional process.

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Educational videos may be used for several functions. Most elementary schools make use of educational videos to teach science, math, reading, and English. At precisely the exact same time, videos are often used to help students maintain information they have learned in class. With instructional videos, children could be taught new concepts in and enjoyable way, without having to take advice to school. When a video contains a lesson plan, students are given specific tasks to complete in order to successfully finish the lesson.

By way of example, 1 series of videos called”problems” is perfect for students learning mathematics. This video includes eight lessons, each lesson includes a series of questions that have to be answered before proceeding to the next lesson. Each video reveals a student answering the question correctly, but sometimes they make mistakes. The video goes on to show another question which may be answered correctly, etc. As the video progresses, the student realizes he/she has not fully recognized the idea being taught.

An educational video may also be used to teach children social and team-building skills. In this case, the production quality of the video is much more significant than the instructional content. Educators should consist of clear pictures, a voice within that could communicate easily, and interactive features that will inspire participants to interact with others. Using educational videos inthis way also helps construct the educational encounter. As students interact with the production quality of the video, they begin to realize they have the tools to learn what they need to know.

The Guided Discovery app uses educational videos to teach a concept to students and parents via a group of DVDs. In Guided Discovery, a student watches a short video which walks him/her through a scientific idea. After the idea is mastered, a DVD with multiple-choice questions can appear on the screen. The student can click on a mouse to observe an image or select a word from a list of phrases on the screen. Once the student has clicked a word, he/she will be requested to appraise what he/she has learned by selecting a celebrity.

A [lsc=218] is available in English and Spanish. Students may select the language which they want to learn and also can view the videos in English or Spanish. The Spanish version is subtitled so it is easy for parents and pupils to understand the meaning of the video. The audio portion of the video is designed to reinforce the concept that’s been educated in the social networking segment. This process helps individuals retain the new info they have absorbed while viewing the video.

To make a multimedia learning system, a school system ought to firstidentify the functions which are most beneficial for their students. Once the functions have been identified, the next step is to produce a targeted program for each subject of study. Based on the identified functions, the videos should be made which offer instruction in these areas. By way of instance, from the Science class, instructional videos can be created that describe the concepts found in biology, physics, chemistry, as well as many others. In Math, you will find videos which describe addition, subtraction, division, and other arithmetic theories.

The Guided Discovery application can be used most often in K-12 education where teachers spend six minutes introducing the idea to the pupils. It’s also used in the homeschooling curriculum because it is so effective. The six minutes of video exposure is enough to help teachers maintain the concept that’s been introduced in the lesson. However, when teaching Math, teachers should consider using shorter videos which only reinforce the important concepts found in higher math. Short videos are effective at helping the student to retain the knowledge learned from the lesson.


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