25 Jan

New Ottawa beauty spa trends

Every year day spas and salons in Canada’s capital Ottawa,come out with a host of new beauty spa trends to spoil their existing clients and to attract a new crowd. Some are simple variations on tried and tested treatments such as facial and body massages and manicure designs.
Others are more involved and need some extensive investment such as saunas and laser treatments. So what are some of the new spa treatments gaining in popularity in Ottawa?
Holistic Spa Experience
The concept of beauty is slowly changing and spas such as Atlantis Spa in Ottawa,are focusing more on wellness rather than skin-deep beauty. Holistic spa treatments take their inspiration from ancient practices around the world. The Ayurveda offering with its origins in India is all about keeping your doshas,the three natural life energies in balance to ensure great health and wellness. An interesting treatment is the pouring of warmed up oil on your body before a massage treatment.
Cryotherapy is also gaining acceptance in Ottawa’s spas. This form of treatment is believed to reduce inflammation and reduce pain and help with depression. You basically go through increasingly colder chambers until you reach very cold temperatures. Of course this treatment is not for the faint of heart as the cold air is definitely not for every one. It takes only about 4 or 5 minutes and it is said to revitalizes the body and the wakes up the mind. Find out more about spa treatments on our website.

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